Purpose and Vision

A network of experts
Dedicated to training mental healthcare professionals

Purpose and Vision

The Mental Health Education and Training Network is dedicated to providing excellent education and training for mental healthcare professionals. It has a highly respected team of expert advisors, a network of expert trainers and an ever-growing group of mental healthcare professionals registering to join and access our rapidly expanding training provision.

As an independent training provider, our style will remain modern, upbeat and streamlined – sufficiently agile to respond effectively to the rapidly changing healthcare economy.

We are committed to:

– ensuring our quality and standards are high, our costs are low and our provision, affordable
– maintaining focus on our customers’ needs and helping them continually improve patient care
– reinvesting generated surpluses in our future educational provision
– ensuring the success of our organisation benefits those who join us
– expanding our Network and becoming increasingly more affordable to our members

Suggestions or comments?   Contact: Lynne Christopher, Director: Lynnechristopher@etnetwork.co.uk